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Spokespeople: A Calculated Risk for Marketers’ Brands

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Spokespeople: A Calculated Risk for Marketers’ Brands

The other day, a client asked us what we thought about spokespeople as a campaign tactic. We suggested that the use of a spokesperson should be a calculated risk; we advise very careful assessment in a multi-step process before establishing close association between your brand and any real human being. In the tragic case of Jared Fogle, surely Subway had conducted background checks. Even then, future actions can never be predicted. Before seriously considering a spokesperson, conduct risk-benefit analyses. Ask yourself and your stakeholders: What is the worst thing that can happen? What are the pros and cons? Even public figures with moral and behavioral clauses in their contracts with sports teams and other large organizations have slipped and said something shocking, done something offensive…are you ready to potentially associate unpredictable human behavior with your precious brand? The answer may be yes. Let us make brand decisions with good information and eyes wide open.

This article was written by danohawk